Why You Need Croissants for Certain Moments

Kaye Leah
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“Un croissant, s’il vous plaît.

Croissants by Rebel Bake House PH (Photo taken by Kaye Leah)

Croissants are an essential luxury for certain moments. Now, the word “certain” — means different things to different people, but to me, “certain” moments are those times when you are in need of a breather or when you’d like to give yourself a pat on the back for doing an “ok” job so far in being a wife, a mom, or an employee. Those “certain” moments can also be the days when you choose to feel a sense of balance in a life that involves making a home, ministry or making ends meet, all through pocketfuls of grace and faith.

So, if you’re like me who looks forward to “certain” moments and Me Times, you understand how important it is to make the most of the irregular free times by looking for a nice place to sit, have coffee, jot thoughts down, and enjoy a croissant or two — savoring every bite.

Croissants by Rebel Bake House PH (Photo taken by Kaye Leah)

Two Reasons Why Croissants are a Good Idea

#1 Croissant Convos

Croissants have their own personalities. Each flavor becomes a character you find interesting enough to talk with. Depending on your mood, you can have a nice conversation with a croissant. This may sound crazy, but really, hear me out.

Croissant convos are conversations with yourself, your own thoughts. If you constantly check in on people important to you, why not check in on yourself? Hearing ourselves out or being sensitive to what we are feeling and thinking is therapeutic.

Take for example this Chocolate Croissant with Chocnut spread and Chocnut Crumble — so nostalgic of our Chocnut days as Pinoy kids, right? So, it’ll be fun to think of that childhood friend we had growing up, what would that friend think or say about what you’re going through right now?

This is what we mean with Croissant Convos. They’re supposed to take you back home. They're supposed to be uplifting.

Cross Section: Chocolate Croissant with Chocnut spread and Chocnut Crumble

This next one, the Malagos Dark Choco Ganache Rainbow, may be that type of croissant who’d represent your unfulfilled dreams, or personal journeys you’re having on whichever goals you’ve set for yourself. It would be nice to have moments to ponder on where you currently are in that travel itinerary and what options you have, directions to take, roadblocks to anticipate.

That croissant you’re having with your favorite hot bev becomes sort of a life coach. You just need to listen. It will make sense, it will be figure-outable with nibbles of prayers and faith.

Cross Section: Malagos Dark Choco Ganache Rainbow Croissant by Rebel Bake House PH

There are also croissants that represent the more sophisticated and posh side of any woman, like an Activated Charcoal with Pistachio Butter or that Valrhona Dulcey Pain Au Chocolat by the Rebel Baker. Admit it, women have that intrinsic motivation to feel good and look good, regardless of occupation or size. This motivation is not the kind that is driven by dress sizes, but rather one that comes from the desire to live better healthy lifestyles so we can watch our kids grow and live a little longer to see their lives unfold. Imagining ourselves being part of our kids’ journeys should be a motivation.

Plus, having a croissant sometimes lets us have a taste of the finer things in life, albeit momentary. The principle, “Reward yourself” applies perfectly. We all need to enjoy the fruits of our labor, take some rest, have a croissant with a cup of coffee, and feel like a queen every now and then. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Finally, in the everyday routine, you can have surface-level croissant convos to make the daily-ness of life more interesting: the breakfast Ham & Gruyere Croissant or the classic Butter Croissant is all you need for some reassurance — nothing complicated, just that feeling of something safe and constant.

So, whatever the mood you have, there’s a croissant you can have a conversation with! I think we’ve established that.

#2 The Art of Appreciation

Learning the Art of Appreciation comes with counting your blessings (over a box of croissants! Why not?)

We need to set times within our day to take account and to recognize what we have, both the people around us and those that are tangible. After that, it is good to acknowledge that everything we have has been given to us. All the more will we realize that we need to be good stewards of what we have. All the more will we feel how real grace is.

So, the next time you have croissants, find time to be thankful and savor that sentiment with each bite you’ll have. Whether it’s the roof over your head, dishes to wash because you’ve had food to eat, deadlines to meet because you have a job, helping kids with homework because they’re in school, there is (as many have said) always something to be thankful for.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Inspiration from Rebel Bake House PH

During these times of quarantines and lockdowns, going out for some peace and quiet has been tricky. Even if you do get a chance to get out for a while, the next problem is deciding where to go. Things have become overly limited. This is why people today have become instant pros at finding foodies with who they relate with as to food preferences and place orders online. I’d say, I’ve become one of those who’d scroll through feeds and timelines in search of nice things to try — much like taking strolls and looking for a nice and welcoming cafe or bakery.

One afternoon, I stumbled upon Rebel Bake House PH and tried their Assortment of 6 of the week. They were previously called “Epicerie Craquelin” in 2017. During the pandemic, they rebranded and became Rebel House PH. Their name represents “a rebellion against the mediocre bread available to us today. That’s basically it. We just want to #stopbadbread!” When I read that reply, I said to myself, “I’m a believer! #stopbadbread!”

I’m just thankful Rebel bake House PH set up shop in Baguio and we, the locals, get to appreciate the nicer side of life with the croissants they create! All the more will we have times of refreshing in “certain” moments of our week.

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